Talk: Ram Gopal Varma’s Touch to YSR’s Yatra

For people who liked Yatra, the film’s veiled satires on the opposition and some rebel leaders have become the real source of entertainment. And as YSR takes on ‘Mana Desam’ party in the movie, many wonder what is wrong with director Mahi V Raghav as he didn’t use real names.

As this happens to be a biopic, many expect the director to use real names, situations and party names. But it looks like director Mahi V Raghav knows that there will be Censor issues if he goes with original names and then decided to do it the Ram Gopal Varma’s way.

Like the way, Varma carved out ‘Rakta Charitra’ without using actual names but names that are very close and identical to the originals, like Pratap Ravi and Peddayana, Mahi also did the same. Other than few names like KVP, Sureedu, Saritha and Vijayamma, ‘Yatra’ has characters of PJR, V Hanumantha Rao and some TDP leaders, whom we can recognize but they are not named in the movie.

This Ram Gopal Varma touch is actually giving a kick to one section of viewers.