Tamannaah’s hidden talent is contagious!

Milky beauty Tamannaah Bhatia, after impressing the audience with her exceptional acting prowess, is now flaunting her hidden talent. The actress shared an emotional poem penned by her on Instagram. Netizens have instantly found her post intriguing and highly lauded her over her unique passion. And, believe us, her poem is as beautiful as her!

The poem was written in Hindi language and it is all about true and pure love. Of course, the lines were both emotional and heartwarming. She captioned the post – “The quintessential actor in me is always in love with the idea of love. Here’s my metaphorical comparison/ideology on the same. Having said that, true love begins with self-love! Have a fab one guys!”

Just a few days ago, Tamannaah wrote and shared a few lines on love with a caption, “I love poetry and often pen down my thoughts during those very occasional private moments.” She just proved that apart from her creative acting mind, Tamannaah can also easily branch into the realm of creative writing. Just like everyone, we too loved her poem to the core.