Tamil Directors Bringing Out The ‘Actor’ In Sunil!

Changing according to the trend and constantly evolving themselves is necessary for any actor to make themselves relevant in the film industry. It prevents them from fading away or getting stereotyped and rejuvenating their careers from time to time. Sunil is known for his unique comedy when he entered Tollywood and he was one of the top comedians in Telugu during the 2000s. He was seen in every movie and his impeccable timing had a huge fanbase.

He turned into a hero and delivered hits like ‘Andala Ramudu’, ‘Maryada Ramanna’ and ‘Poola Rangadu’. But luck did not favor him as he started facing back-to-back flops. Despite his best efforts, his career as a hero was unsuccessful and he tried to return to comedy once again but the magic was Sunil went missing. Many said that he lost his touch as a comedian and is failing to make people laugh like before.

He then made a bold move in his career and decided to take up negative roles. He did films in Telugu like ‘Color Photo’ and ‘Pushpa’ which showcased him in a new light. His role in Allu Arjun’s film got nationwide recognition to him and Tamil directors are now coming up with interesting roles for Sunil. He has become a very busy actor in Kollywood nowadays.