‘Tammudu Tammudu Antu.. Vennupotu Podicharu Jagan’

Vangaveeti Radha has yet again fired on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Radha said Jagan is doing big vennupotu (back-stabbing). Radha said Jagan is back-stabbing the people of Andhra Pradesh by joining hands with BJP on one hand and TRS on the other hand. Radha also alleged Jagan for back-stabbing him. “Tammudu Tammudu Antu…Nannu Vennupotu Podicharu Jagan Reddy,” said an emotional Vangaveeti Radha during his joining into TDP.

Radha has thanked CM Chandrababu Naidu for accepting his father late Vangaveeti Ranga’s long-due dream of issuing Pattas (Land Ownership Documents) to poor people in Vijayawada. Radha said Chandrababu has done a great thing. Radha reiterated that people’s welfare is above politics and he won’t compromise on values and his father’s ideologies for politics and positions.

Radha said YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will remain in Opposition for next 5 years as well. He asked Jagan to first “change” and be a “good” opposition leader.

Later, Chandrababu Naidu hailed Vangaveeti Ranga and his fans. He said Vangaveeti family has a great history and legacy. He welcomed Radha into TDP and said his services will be used. Naidu said Radha hasn’t asked any position or post. He said all Radha had asked was his father’s long-due promise of Pattas to poor people.

Chandrababu said TDP has kept its word by initiating 5 percent reservations to Kapu community. He said AP Assembly has passed resolution to include Kapus into reservation and allot 5 percent reservation. Naidu chose his words consciously. He said TDP is doing justice to Kapus without doing injustice to BCs.