TDP Should Come Out Of These Type Of Protests

TDP protest against sand crisis in Andhra Pradesh took place on Thursday. Party chief Chandrababu sat down for 12 hours protest at Dharna Chowk in Vijayawada and many TDP leaders and cadre too followed the same across the state.

But the protest by women TDP activists drew everyone’s attention. Dressed up in yellow sarees, they had the same colored baskets in their hands and to everyone’s surprise they wore yellow shades in the protest. Even more surprisingly, it is written ‘Jai Jai Chandranna’ on the shades and pictures of women TDP activists protests are being widely shared on the social media.

Netizens called this as a distasteful act and instead of styling up for protest, they should do ground work and then agitate. These type of protests invite laughter from public instead of the support which was actually intended and the party will eventually be at the receiving end. TDP leaders should take up the responsibility of guiding the cadre for such events.

Hopefully they will learn quickly and come out of it.