Telangana: 25 lakh applications filed for plot regularisation

HYDERABAD: The Municipal Administration and Development (MA&UD) Department has received 25 lakh applications for regularisation of plots/layouts. Accordingly, guidelines were issued for processing applications in a timebound manner.

Last year, ‘Telangana regularisation of unapproved and illegal layout rules 2020’ were issued for regularising plots in unauthorised layouts on payment of registration charges. According to the MAUD, all LRS applications received by the gram panchayat/municipality/ municipal corporation will be grouped into different clusters such as village wise/locality and colony wise.

Each cluster would be inspected by a team constituted by the District Collector and consist of officials from revenue, irrigation, panchayat raj, town planning and DTCPO. The team will upload its remarks on each cluster on an online checklist such as whether the application meets the LRS guidelines or not. This would be submitted to the Municipal Commissioner. This exercise will be completed within 15 days.