Telangana BJP targets SC Assembly seats with Mission-19

HYDERABAD: In order to ensure victory in all 19 Assembly constituencies reserved for SCs, the State BJP is formulating plans to take advantage of the anti-establishment wave prevailing in these areas among the Dalits.

Addressing party leaders at a workshop on SC Assembly constituencies in Hyderabad on Tuesday, BJP State president Bandi Sanjay Kumar said a recent survey had shown that was severe opposition to sitting TRS MLAs in SC-reserved constituencies. In fact, the BJP was found to be strong in these zones.

The government’s failure to implement the Dalit Bandhu scheme, apart from KCR’s forgotten promise to make a Dalit the Chief Minister of Telangana, to the failure of the government to implement

He said movements were being planned for various issues concerning SCs and that Dalits were presently looking at BJP as an alternative to TRS.

Sanjay felt that people no longer bought into the age-old propaganda of the Congress, to project BJP as anti-Dalit. This was the reason Congress was confined to five MPs, whereas 46 BJP MPs had won in SC-reserved constituencies in 2018.