Telangana: Migrant Workers Commit Suicide

In a highly-disturbing and heart-wrenching incident, a family of four were suspected to have committed suicide due to lack of work and food. The family, touted to be migrants, had been living in Kareemabad for 20 years. Family head Maqsood used to repair gunni bags and made it as a living. Due to the nationwide lockdown, Maqsood had lost his living forcing him to financial crisis.

Knowing his troubles, a local shop owner Santosh gave the family shelter. However, much to everyone’s dismay, the family of four were found dead in a nearby well. Locals noticed the bodies floating in the well and alerted police. Maqsood (50), wife Nisha (45), daughter and son (2) were found dead in the well.

This tragedy has shook the locals in Warangal. This incident yet again shown how the helpless poor and needy are suffering in this lockdown.