Telugu Tammulla ‘Over action’ on Corona pandemic

The Corona Virus Pandemic has hit severely about 171 countries in the world and India is one of them with 573 positive cases being reported so far. Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country will undergo National Lockdown for three weeks.
Andhra Pradesh is one of the states in the country under severe threat due to the Covid-19 outbreak as already 10 cases reported as Covid-19 positive along with the recent case in Chittoor yesterday.
The political parties which have the responsibility to create awareness among the people want to politicize the issue and the opposition party in the TDP is making unnecessary allegations on the ruling YSRCP.

TDP leaders senselessly alleging Jagan Mohan Reddy as the responsible person for the Covid-19 outbreak in AP and are saying that CBN would have done better in these circumstances than Jagan. In a brain fading moment, some leaders say that there are no Covid-19 positive cases in Andhra Pradesh but Jagan is reporting false cases just to divert people from the local body polls postponement row.

Former AP government VIP, Koona Ravi Kumar from TDP asked if Jagan had passed Intermediate and criticized his paracetamol statement and made fun of Jagan asking whether he had passed M.B.B.S to release that statement. If Telugu Tammulu want to keep the leftover the shame of them in state they should understand the intensity of the situation and stop making these senseless comments on the ruling party.

‘Not everything to be politicised’ is one of the frontline rules in Politics and the TDP leaders should know that.