Telugu Web Series Upsets A Top Political Party

You might have heard about this Telugu web series everyone is talking about. And there is a secret that this web series has buried deep inside, but people are not fools to find it out.

Actually this web series deals with the story of a poor labourer rising to power by illegally acquiring a mining region. And how his elder son is averse to politics, while the younger one is quite interested in them, and indulges in murders and other illegal activities, forms the rest of the story.

There was a buzz two years ago that the story of a present day top politician’s grandpa is being made into a web series. Though that talk died down gradually, it looks like the makers of the web series have just changed the names but made the biopic. And as the web series is quite close to the real story, which people refuse to speak about openly, the political outfit that the top politician belongs to is a bit worried, we hear.

As the web series is made without taking any direct reference, there is no legal way to take action on it. But the members of the political party are trying to make sure that the Season 2 won’t come into existence.