The thope Nandamuri Lion couldnt comment KCR’s negatives ?

After Nandamuri balakrishna posted his words on Chiranjeevi and few other heroes of TFI that they are distributing lands among themselves, while they met T Minister Srinivas Yadav in discussion over post lock-down chances to go for shootings.

After the Covid19 pandemic broke out in India all the shootings right from Movie and TV Serieals got stopped in their own ways.

As central government started more and more relaxations including the public transport Telugu industry too wanted to resume the shootings. So, Chiranjeevi and co met T minister to explain the situation .

Nandamuri Balakrishna on of the super star’s of Telugu cinema is not invited during this and Balayya went angry over the same. However, many discussions went over internet over balayya’s behaviour. Few supported balakrishna but many didnt.

After 2 days of the incident Balayya gave an interview to the youtube channel revealing facts behind his words. When the anchor asked about why he is not being invited and also irked him by saying ‘ His actions and words against KCR during Telangana elections ‘ might be a reason. Balayya is unable to accept the same.

He stated KCR always has good love towards him. As Balakrishna is seen questioning AP govt or his own TFI people he couldn’t criticize KCR openly at all instead he looked like pouring love towards KCR.

The same Balayya gave serious public warnings to kcr during election time. Netizens are questioning why balakrishna couldn’t show his attitude towards KCR, like he does with Jagan or Chiranjeevi or others. Though the issue took 3 days of its run discussions are still on about this scene.