US BO: iSmart Shankar’s Pretty Ordinary Show

At present, “iSmart Shankar” is the craze and rage of Telugu box-office. Surprising all trade pundits, the film set the box-office on fire in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. But the same is not reflected in the USA market.

Even though the film has seen a noticeable jump on Saturday, its overall weekend gross is pretty low.

A small film like “Brochevarevura” had collected $229k in 3-days weekend while “iSmart Shankar” in its four days (plus premiere) has grossed just about $215k.

The noticeable jump on Saturday was because of the audiences who wanted to check why people have gone bonkers back home in India.

#iSmartShankar Wed: $51,677 Thu: $31,477 Fri: $41,579 Sat: $56,898 Sun: 30k (apprx) Total Weekend Gross: $ 215k (apprx)

In a normal situation, this can be termed as a flop show. Since this film has not been sold to any distributor, the gross is just an okay figure.

It was released by producers Charmee and Puri Jagannadh through Great India Films on a commission basis.

Meanwhile, Samantha’s “Oh Baby” grossed $965k as of today. It needs $35k to cross $1 million mark.