US Reports record infections, hospitalisations among children!

The superpower nation the United States has no relief with the Covid impact. Due to the long weekend and New Year celebrations, the land of opportunities saw a flood of single-day cases with people in massive numbers. More than one million people have come in contact with respiratory disease.

The flood of new cases has also resulted in a big jump in hospitalisations. As a matter of concern, the major number of hospitalizations are children. The week saw more and more children getting an admission to the hospital facility to seek treatment for the Covid virus.

The data shared by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives a sneak peek into the hospitalizations which are spine-chilling. The average number of hospital admissions among children across the nation since the week is more than 600, which is quite high.

The infections and hospital admissions among the children are so high that even the first wave and second wave did not see such big numbers. More than 64 percent of children were infected with respiratory disease this week.

New York City was hit really hard by the pandemic and problematic situations are prevailing in the city now. Since early December, the hospitalisations among children in the city have risen to around four times. The concerned experts are expressing their sorrow over the situation.

The experts are saying that the major share of people not taking the vaccine doses is the reason why the hospitalizations are going up. Citing this as a reason, the experts are arguing that parents should make sure that their children are vaccinated at the earliest.