US’s Dominant Covid Sub-variant Makes its Way to India!

The covid pandemic is the biggest crisis in recent times the world has faced. Irrespective of the nations, including the developed and superpower nations, suffered many heartbreaking and heart-wrenching moments due to the pandemic. Lakhs of people have contacted the virus and the health systems in many nations were hit very hard.

Coming to India, the ongoing developments indicate that the possibility of the fourth wave of Covid cannot be ruled out. The cases are increasing daily and mask-wearing was made mandatory in a few states as a precautionary measure and schools were asked to follow SoPs.

Adding more fears, a new sub-variant was reportedly detected in the national capital Delhi. The BA.2.12.1 variant is believed to have been identified by the experts as part of the regular tests to detect Covid infections.

One person had tested positive for the Covid in the national capital. When the samples were sent for Genomic sequencing, the reports came back confirming that the infection is caused by the new sub-variant, reports say.

The new development is not good news to hear about given the characteristics of the new sub-variant. The sub-variant, which is believed to be the result of the mutations of two variants, is ringing danger bells in the United States and it has been the driving force of the virus spreading in America.

One more thing to worry about the new sub-variant is that it comes with a higher transmission rate compared to others and the scientist doubts that it may also possess the strength to beat the protection given by the Covid vaccines in people who received the vaccine doses.

After many nations have managed to beat the Covid causing variant, the virus has changed its forms and has been doing the same. So far we have heard about variants like Delta, Delta Plus, and Omicron and another sub-variant joined the list.

If the emergence of new variants and sub-lineages continues, people might have to start taking other doses of vaccines that can beat the new variants. Then the whole process of vaccinations might have to be started. This is the worst thing anyone has to hear about the virus spread.