Vamshi Vallabhaneni being targeted from his own backyard?

Gannavaram MLA and TDP’s most prominent rebel leader Vamshi Vallabhaneni has once again become a hot topic of the state. In his constituency, the rumors are out that Vamshi made some extreme comments against the other leaders and of course this news came out as a surprise to his fellow leaders. Vamshi has been behaving like YSRCP is his kith and kin despite TDP backed him up for such a long period.

The Kammas in the TDP are still very positive for him. He also did not criticize the party. Only Chandrababu was accused of forcibly rubbing his son Lokesh. If this is the case, then the YCP leaders Dutta Ramachandra Rao and Yarlagadda Venkatrao, who have been attacking Vamsi since he joined the VCP, are expected to show aggression in the Vamsi issue.

Although Jagan tried to consolidate them in this matter, they were not in a position to hear. They do not like Vamshi to declare as the in-charge of Gannavaram himself and manage the activities at all. In this context, while giving signals that all is well between them in public, it is being said that the leaks are being given to the social media that they have decided to teach Vamshi a perfect lesson.

So, many people say it is a propaganda to increase pressure on Vamshi Vallabhaneni politically and to defeat him by-elections in a strategic way. In an extraordinary fashion, some people say that they don’t mind joining hands with the TDP leaders if it comes to Vamshi against the party.

Many reports came out that these are all just rumors and Dutta, as well as Yarlagadda Venkata Rao, have been very kind towards Vamshi and TDP is spreading the false propaganda being unable to tolerate the rise of Vamshi in their opposition.