Vice President suspends 8 members from the Rajya Sabha

The Rajya Sabha sessions are in full swing, under the leadership of the Chairman of Rajya Sabha, and the Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu. The Rajya Sabha is known for its relatively peaceful sessions when compared to the parliament, but Sunday’s session was a different story.

The latest farm bills that have been introduced in the Rajya Sabha, by Deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh, led to quite a debate, with opposition members of the Rajya Sabha passing a Notice of Infidelity towards the Deputy Chairman. Not just that, these members are said to have engaged in a very chaotic behavior, which is said to have greatly upset the Chairman.

Venkaiah Naidu is said to have expressed deep disgust with the way these MPs have behaved in the Rajya Sabha, and is also said to have said that Sunday was a black day in the history of Rajya Sabha sessions. With these opposition MPs not just creating chaos, but also resulting in the Deputy Chairman not able to do his work peacefully, things got even worse.

Venkaiah Naidu is said to have asked these MPs to first evaluate themselves – morally and with common sense – before they speak about the Deputy Chairman failing at his job. As a result, the Vice President is said to have suspended 8 members who were primarily responsible for such unruly circumstances in the Rajya Sabha in the first place. These members include Trinamool Congress floor leader Derek O’Brien, AAP’s Sanjay Singh, Congress leaders Rajeev Satav, Syed Nasir Hussain and Ripun Borah, CPIM’s KK Ragesh and Elamaram Kareem and Trinamool’s Dola Sen.

These members have been suspended from attending the Rajya Sabha sessions for one week, and with these members not leaving the ongoing session, when asked for, the Chairman had to suspend the session