Video: Bollywood Spoils Another Iconic Song With Remix!

Bollywood used to be rich in romantic songs and they gave some of the most iconic songs we ever heard. But things changed very quickly as Bollywood makers are unable to come up with fresh music from the past couple of years. They are trying to live off the chartbusters from the 90s and 2000s. They are taking these hit songs and remixing it thereby gaining a lot of views. In this process, they are killing the beauty of the original songs.

The latest addition to this list is ‘Tu Mile Dil Khile’ song from Nagarjuna’s ‘Criminal’. For the Telugu audience, this song is known as ‘Telusa Manasa’ which is a beautiful melody. Directed by Mahesh Bhat, this movie had Nagarjuna and Manisha Koirala playing the lead roles. MM Keeravani composed this song and it was a sensational hit in Hindi as well as Telugu.

With Keeravani winning the Golden Globe Award, he is trending now and the audio company decided to exploit his craze and remix his old hit song. The latest version of this song was sung by Stebin Ben and Asees Kaur. Lijo George penned the lyrics while Azeem Dayani supervised it. Along with Stebin Ben, it is Larissa Monesi who featured in the video song. There is no magic in this song and the soul of the original has been taken away completely.

Interestingly, Keeravani too took the intro music of this song from ‘Enigma Age Of Loneliness’. But the latest remixed version is surely getting a lot of negative responses from the listeners.