Vishnu Trying To Paint Feud With Manoj Casual,Damage Control Act?

For some time we have been hearing that things are not going well between Manchu Scions Vishnu and Manoj. The brothers not reacting to the issue added fuel to this. Shocking, the reports appeared true and the brothers had an ugly fight. After Manchu Manoj posted a shocking video the dispute made its way to the streets.

Manchu Manoj posted a video of Vishnu trying to beat Sarathi, who is close to him and deleted it later. The video shows two people trying to pacify angry Vishnu who wants to beat Sarathi. The video brought the focus on the fight between the brothers.

Now Manchu Vishnu reacted to the issue and gave a cold response. Saying that such issues are common between the brothers, Vishnu dubbed the issue a small one.

Elaborating further, MAA President Manchu Vishnu said that the issue is not a big one that needs to be addressed. Talking about the video, he said that Vishnu could not stop the argument with Sarathi and that’s why he posted it online.

While the cold response is a shock, many say that Vishnu wants to do damage control. The issue brought the alleged issues between the brothers to light and people are talking about this.

After the video of the feud came out, reports said that Manchu Mohan Babu was not at all happy with that and was angry with his sons. It was even said that he wants to sort out the issue by talking to them.

Now Vishnu trying to paint the issue as casual one raised many eyeballs and added fuel to the opinion that the MAA president wants to control the damage caused by the issue. On top of this, his father is also reportedly not happy.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, it is said that the issues between the brothers came out due to Sarathi. Vishnu is angry at Sarathi for some reason and tried to beat him. However, Sarathi’s family members stopped Vishnu from doing so. The video shows two people trying to stop Vishnu Manchu who is visibly angry. News about the Manchu family generally caught everyone’s attention.