Vivek Sagar condemns Vishwak Sen for using his song without consent

In an attempt to pay tribute to JR NTR, Vishwak Sen devoted a mass rap song on May 20th, which has spurred up into a war of words between the HIT star and Vivek Sagar, who made the tune, titled “Mass Ka Das.”

Pissed off with the way Vishwak utilized the unreleased tune from Falaknuma Das as a tribute to the Young Tiger on his birthday!, music composer Vivek lashed out on Instagram. Remarking on the video posted by Vishwak, Vivek expressed discontent towards his director saying that he is least interested and is not related with the video. He claimed that he repeatedly appealed the film maker to take it down as he didn’t like the unreleased tune to be used as a remix and mashups without his consent.

With Vishwak decidedly being reluctant and headstrong, the composer has chosen to approach Sony as a last resort to ensure that the video is brought down from insta. Addressing to the reporter,” Vivek asserted, “This song is a creative and collaborative effort by many people involved. It is the result of a lot of hard work. The song was composed for the film Falaknuma Das, not to make mash-ups and use in birthday tributes. The fact that they have put this up without including it in the OST of the album and without taking my consent is what irks me.”

On the other hand when questioned Vishwak about this incident, he says that there’s no point in taking the video down and that he firmly adheres to his decision of keeping it intact. “My production house owns the rights to the song so why should I take it down? The issue happened because my team made the mistake of not giving credit to Vivek when the video was first put up. I admit my mistake and have apologised to Vivek. But there’s no question of taking down the video,” rebukes Vishwak.