When KCR paid fine for traffic violations!

Generally, people in power do not care for rules, since they think they are supreme and above the law. But sometimes, they tend to put up show to create an impression that they, too, follow law of the land like any other citizen.

Take the case of Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. When people all over the country were wearing face masks to fight the Coronavirus spread, KCR cared a damn for it initially.

Later, when there was a criticism in the social media, he started wearing face masks while appearing in the press conferences. But later, he just ignored it and started wearing shawl on the lines of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

And during his recent visit to Siddipet to inaugurate Konda Pochamma Sagar reservoir, KCR threw all the safety norms to winds and moved freely without wearing any mask or covering his face.

Similarly, traffic rules generally do not apply to the chief minister, because the police bring the general traffic to a halt on the road at least five minutes before his convoy leaves his camp office, whenever he wants to go out.

Since there is no other traffic on the road and signals do not stop the CM’s convoy, the regular traffic violations do not apply to him. Since he is the VIP, his convoy has to have a smooth passage without any speed limit.

But KCR suddenly wanted to prove that he is no different from an ordinary citizen in terms of following traffic rules and he is not an exception for being penalised for traffic violations.

So, on Wednesday, the Telangana police imposed fine for KCR’s convoy for over-speeding. In all, four challans were made in the name of chief minister – two in Hyderabad, one in Cyberabad and one in Suryapet.

The first fine was related to overspeeding at Kodad on October 16 last year, second one at Madhapur in Cyberabad on April 15, third one at Tolichowki on April 20 and the fourth one at Tank Bund on June 1.

In all, KCR has paid Rs 4,140 towards fine for traffic violations. In fact, the payments were made only after the media highlighted the traffic violations by his convoy.

“No other challans are pending on his convoy,” the traffic police said.