Why Charan Didn’t Think Twice For This?

At a time when back to back mass films like Bruce Lee spoiled his image, Ram Charan took a break from the routine and carefully planned his next films. But then, one mistake could spoil the whole show and pour water in his creative dreams.

After coming out with films like Dhruva and Rangasthalam, Ram Charan has surely created immense respect for himself. Many started valuing him more as an actor and then as someone who would go any far for the sake of a film’s story. Also, his down to earth and natural portrayals in those films won him some newer audiences too.

But with the mega decision of starring in a film like Vinaya Vidheya Rama is going to haunt Ram Charan big time now. Though he has RRR in the arm right now, one would really get shocked to see how come a hero like Charan gave a go for a film like VVR. Neither there is a story, nor interesting scenes, nor any scope for acting, so what excited Charan when it comes to taking this film?

Some say that believing a director blindly will directly create cracks in the glass-palace like stardom of a star hero. This is Charan’s time now!