Why Is Rana Daggubati Hiding His Medical Condition?

In spite of his larger-than-life roles, at the end of the (Fri)day Rana Daggubati is only human. And so, as it happen to the best of is, ill health has struck Rana.

Though Rana and no one from has family are willing to address the gravity of the situation, cautious voices in the Andhra film industry say Rana’s condition is often caused by body-building steroids.

While we cannot be sure of what brought on Rana’s ill health we can with certainty say he does have health issues, and it would be a fairly reasonable assumption that his recent visit to the US was to attend to his medical condition.

However Rana chooses to completely deny all health-related rumours, going as far as to scoff at journalists who report on his frail-looking personality these days. Rana has also told his fans not to believe what they read.

We presume Rana believes what he wants to believe. By living in La La land he hopes to convince himself and his fans that all is well.

But a source very close to Rana’s family says there is definitely a health problem.

“Rana is not well. But the family has been sworn to secrecy against outing the truth. No one talks about his illness, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. We cannot ask about Rana’s health because officially he is not unwell at all.”

Apparently, and this is not confirmed by anyone in Rana’s family, the actor has undergone a kidney transplant. Apparently, and again we reiterate that this is unconfirmed, Rana’s mother has donated a kidney for her son.

What we want to ask Rana and his family is, why live in this state of ridiculous denial about a health situation? It happens to anyone, king or commoner. Spotboy or Superstar. Does he feel his fans would not like their hero being less than invincible? If this is the way Rana feels then he is highly misguided.

Celebrities all over the world come clean about their medical condition. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. It is a measure of your confidence in your self and in your fans.

So own up, Rana. How long will the public be kept in the dark?