Why The Delay In Finalizing Heroine For Bunny?

All the talk is currently about the shooting date of Allu Arjun and Trivikram’s upcoming movie which is taking more time than expected. Some say that the duo is yet to lock a heroine and hence the delay in kick-starting the production.

Some sources in the know are saying that both Allu Arjun’s Geetha Arts and Trivikram’s Haarika & Haasini Entertainment, for whom these two are showrunners, are actually unable to come to a common ground regarding the selection of heroine. While Trivikram already rolled out some options, those girls are said to be quoting nearly a crore.

And they say that Allu Arjun’s company want to spend only 50 lakhs for the heroine as they want to make this film in a short and sweet budget. Though the authenticity of these rumors cannot be verified, it looks like even Rashmika Mandanna is also not finalized for this project, while the names of Keerthi Suresh and Sai Pallavi are also doing rounds for the same film.

Let’s wait for both these production houses to give clarity about the same.