‘Yellow media’ trying to create rift between KCR & Harish!

Yellow media in Telangana which raised a hue and cry all these days saying that TRS chief and Telangana CM KCR had sidelined Harish Rao by not taking him into his cabinet till recently, is now trying to create rift between KCR and Harish.

KCR not only inducted Harish into his cabinet recently but also gave him important portfolio of finance, which is considered to be No.2 position in the cabinet.

This left yellow media shell shocked as they are unable to publish ‘cooked up stories’ against KCR and Harish since then.

The yellow media is now desperate to find new routes to create rift between KCR and Harish.

They are deliberately highlighting Harish in their newspapers and not giving importance to KCR’s news.

They are publishing interviews of Harish by making their own interpretations to give an impression as if Harish is running the state government.

One yellow newspaper recently carried a banner story on Harish saying that Harish started taking tough decisions as finance minister like cutting down MLA, MLC constituency development funds, cancelled customary gifts being given to MLAs, MLCs during Budget session of Legislature, cancelled dinners being given to MLAs, MLCs, officials during Budget session etc.

Anyone with a common sense knows that such decisions on crucial financial matters will be taken at CM-level and not at any minister-level.

The news tried to project as if Harish succeeded in setting right the things in these times of economic recession, where KCR failed.

To embarrass CM, they have taken big picture of Harish on top and a small picture of KCR in the bottom.

Few other yellow media organisatios are publishing stories that Harish is upset at KCR for giving him finance ministry which is ‘insignificant’.

They say KCR gave him finance ministry because it has no connect with people which does not suit a mass leader like Harish.

There were never any instances of projecting finance minister as ‘insignifcant’ whether at Centre or in States.

But the yellow media is desperate to project finance ministry as insignificant with a view to create rift between KCR and Harish.