You Will Be Finished, Babu’s Warning Goes Viral

AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy was blocked by BJP workers when he was on his way to a public meeting for ‘Janmabhoomi – Maa Vooru’ event in East Godavari district. When the convoy stopped, the Chief Minister stepped out of it and questioned the agitating BJP workers: “What do you want? Will you be able to answer on the injustice done to AP by Narendra Modi? Do you have shame? Do you have commitment towards your state? Please do not create unnecessary ruckus here! Otherwise, you will be finished!”, these comments by AP CM goes viral on social media.

Not stopping at that, a woman BJP worker argued with the Chief Minister that AP is developing because of Narendra Modi. An angry Chief Minister was quick to interrupt and said: “Narendra Modi has deceived all of us. You are watching everything that’s happening to AP and still you are fighting with your own state. If you go out in public, people will not leave you for plotting against your own state.”

When the woman BJP worker asked if the CM was threatening her, he replied: “I’m not threatening you. I’m stating facts. The same sort of protest from AP people in Delhi was interrupted by Delhi police and they were lathi charged by Modi government. Why don’t you question PM about that? Please leave and do not create more tension in the area.”

Going by the incident, while the protest by BJP workers seemed like a purposeful interruption to CM’s program, the Chief Minister’s misplaced anger in the situation was unnecessary. As a leader who is known to act carefully in every situation, losing his temper for such trivial attempts portrays Chandrababu in negative light, at a time when the state will be going for elections.