Fake Phone Call Puts Charminar On High Alert!

The beautiful monument Charminar is one of the big tourist spots in Telangana and the spot attracts good footfalls of people. Given the popularity of Charminar, the monument also faces threats at regular intervals. Moreover, it is a communally sensitive area and it sees tense situations.

The Charminar monument was on high alert after receiving a threat. Reports say that the police department allegedly received a phone about the bomb threat. The cops swung into action and called the Dog Squad and Bomb squad to conduct searches.

The bomb squad and dog squad inspected Charminar and its surroundings. Crowded places like hotels were also inspected as a safety measure. The cops and other authorities received a big relief after realising that the call they received was a fake one.

The fake call sent the police and locals into a panic state and everyone was running around over the alleged threat. While the cops gave their best in inspecting the area the locals gathered there seeing the cops inspecting the area.

The Charminar area was reportedly cleared by the cops as they asked the street vendors and others to leave the place as there is a bomb threat. As the call was found to be a fake one the cops are now busy tracking the details of the call and who made the call.