American Telugu Association’s Mega Health Camp

A dream come true Solace for the Indian Diaspora.

ATA, an established American Entity serving in the best interest of the Telugu community has expanded its service wing to other sectors of American society via their innovative and all new health camp.

Organized in the NOVA region on August 17th 2019, the camp was attended by more than 600 US residents and their near and dear to avail. a variety of services here, thus making it the most largest successful program.

The program started from 9AM and ended at 2PM in the Fairfax County’s Herndon Community center, in which 30 doctors have actively participated in this social mission to offer their services to the public.

It needs a special note on its own to see several specialty doctors in the lines of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedic, Ob/Gyn, Dental, Pediatrics, Neurology and Allergic related specialty doctors under one roof and at the same time. The unique and extraordinary efforts couldn’t have come from anyone else other than ATA. Kudos to it!!

Hundreds of public from different ethnicity participated in the program. They have expressed their happiness in seeing the numerous doctors and availed their services accordingly. It was surprising on their part to see such services without the need of insurance or multi rounds to the hospitals. Blood exams and diabetes diagnosis were also on the site. Each of the participant was checked thoroughly and advised per their needs to the best.

Recipients expressed that Dr.Ramakrishnan’s session on premature heart diseases, Dr.Veerapally’s Q&A session and Dr.Palvoi’s Allergies’ sessions were informative and useful to their living. They have expressed gratitude to ATA for organizing the camp which was helpful in addressing their long or short lived ailments with the doctors, and thanked each and every one for their efforts.

President Elect Mr. Bhuvanesh Bhoojala addressing the audience said that ATA’s primary objective is always the social wellbeing and have conducted the camp in the spirit of bringing medical facility to the common, bring in awareness of healthy living, and will always work towards the benefits of Telugu community and broader.

While thanking all the doctors for their valuable time, he highlighted Dr.Venkat Addanki for his leadership and onboarding doctors to the camp, American Association of Physicians of India (AARPI) for their continued support, grand sponsors for the event. Continuing on he thanked all the media partners and the community at large for their splendid support to the event. He said the event organization was great and was historical and one on its own!!

Concluding the program, Soumya Kondapalli and Jay Challa from ATA’s board of trustees announced the other programs that ATA conducts including and not limited to scholarships to high schoolers, humanity services in India and congratulated ATA DC Volunteer team for their extraordinary efforts to make this big success!!.

Mr. Bhuvanesh addressed the young volunteers that their participation was indeed special and encouraged them to be more involved. Once again, serving 600 people with 30 multi-specialty doctors and 50 volunteers is a GREAT accomplishment and each volunteer should be proud that they were part of.

Congratulations ATA on a great event!!