Atlee’s Oscar Comments Gives Huge Chance For Trollers!

Tamil star director Atlee is riding high on the success of ‘Jawan’. His action entertainer with Shah Rukh Khan is breaking Bollywood records. It crossed the 800 crore mark already and will surpass 1000 crores by the end of its run. Both the hero and director are extremely elated by the film’s massive success.

Sometimes, people get overwhelmed by the success and make some interesting comments and it looks like Atlee too had one such moment where he said in an interview that ‘Jawan’ should go for Oscars. He said, “Of course, even Jawan should go, if everything falls in place. I think every effort, everybody, every director, every technician who is working in cinema, their eyes are on the Golden Globes, Oscars, National Awards, every award. So, definitely, yeah, I would love to take Jawan to the Oscars. Let’s see. I think Khan sir will watch and read this interview. I will also ask him over a call ‘Sir, should we take this film to the Oscars?”

While it is very clear that Atlee made this remark as a joke which needs to be taken in a light-hearted manner, there are trollers and memers who decided to have a field day with it. Taking it out of context, they are trolling the film and director. They are claiming that Atlee is a ‘Copy Paste’ director who wonderfully packages all the scenes we have already seen in many films. Currently, there is a lot of talk that Atlee may join hands with Allu Arjun next. Let us see what happens.