Besides Pawan, No One Exists in Jana Sena?

Jana Sena party won only one seat in Andhra Pradesh but even the lone MLA never gets a chance to talk about his party’s stand.

The party’s president Pawan Kalyan never invites him to sit beside him in addressing the media on various issues nor he encourages the MLA to speak on his own.

Forget about that lone MLA, there are no leaders in the party to organize a press conference.

Other than Pawan Kalyan, no one gets the spotlight. The party has now become one-man’s party, observes a political analyst.

It is not that the film doesn’t have well-known faces. Former speaker Nadendla Manohar and CBI’s former joint director Lakshmi Narayana are the most prominent leaders in the party but they are not coming forth to counter the YSRC party.

Nadendla is regularly spotted with Pawan Kalyan but he is not speaking up. Lakshmi Narayana is maintaining a low profile. The party has not strengthened its cadre. It doesn’t have second-rung leadership.

No wonder then that Jana Sena has been dubbed as One Sena.