Bigg Boss 4 Big boss Telugu 4: Abhijeet gets disheartened by Monal’s sister’s words

In Telugu Big boss 4, the house was filled with emotions from the past two days. Inmates interacted with their family members divided by a partition glass as a safety measure owing to covid.

In yesterday’s 75th episode, Monal’s mother’s words were heard but said they were unable to come.On listening her voice Monal was overwhelmed with homesickness feeling. She went to the bathroom straight away and weeped. At that moment, Himali stepped in and surprised her.

Monal asked a series of questions about her mother, family members etc. Her sister answered and added, “You play well and will definitely be a winner.” Himali also strongly urged that she should not cry any more.

She warned Abhijeet to be frank and speak to Monal clearly without backbiting to avoid any misunderstandings. Abhijeet was disheartened by her words. While Harika stood by him and asserted he was straight forward. After she left, Akhil started flattering by saying she was upfront and he likes her.

On the other hand Ariana too was in mixed bag of feelings with tears of joy and sadness when her childhood friend Vineeth came to see her. She shared how he supported her in tough times. While Vineeth advised Ariana to be strong and play the game by being herself. Also Sohel’s father entry made him overwhelmed with happiness. While Lasya’s family members are expected to come in the next episode.