Burrakatha Movie Review

Cast: Aadi, Mishti Chakraborty, Rajendra Prasad, Posani Krishna Murali
Directed by: Diamond Ratna Babu
Produced by: Kiran Reddy, Srikanth Deepala
Music by: Sai Karthik
Release Date: 2019-07-05
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Burrakatha Movie Review

Aadi is reeling under series of flops. None of his last offings were refreshing. He has collaborated with writer Diamond Ratnababu for his debut directorial. Let’s check whether Ratnababu ended Aadi’s flop streak or did he add up to Aadi’s woes.

What is it about?

Abhiram (Aadi) is a rare person who is born with two brains. One brain is Abhi who is ultra mass and the second brain is Ram who is soft, class. Abhi and Ram switch sides when there is a loud noise. Abhi loves Happy and so Happy. But Abhi’s problem complicates his love life. The film is all about how Abhiram deals with it and how he wins his love.


Aadi is alright in a poorly-etched role. His efforts have gone wasted. Mishti’s role doesn’t have any scope to perform. She is seen as a girl who proclaims as one-hour Mother Teresa and caters one hour of her everyday for people. What’s shocking is that she agrees to love Abhi one-hour of her day. Her role is half-baked and lacks depth. Baddie Abhimanyu Singh is shown as a foolish villain Gagan who hunts for a guy who defamed him by putting his video on Facebook and made it viral. He pledges to make anyone a MLA or MP or minister who finds Abhiram and kills him. He gives the task to his sidekicks.

There is nothing much to talk about any other role in the film. Good artists like Rajendra Prasad, Posani are wasted. 30 Years Industry Prudhvi has done yet another role. He is seen as Hema. There are countless characters in the film. Prabhas Sreenu, Fish Venkat, Gayatri Gupta and et al. Every scene has so many people in the frame. But none of them have noticeable role.


Many writers have turned into directors in the past in Tollywood. But Diamond Ratnababu will go down as the one with worst directorial debut. He has failed in every aspect. Starting from script to its execution and making, Ratnababu has shown a disappointing show. Music is not convincing. Surprisingly, Sai Karthik has given a mundane album. Production is alright. Camera work is a letdown. Weird position, angles of camera put us off. Dialogues are filled with sexist and misogynistic comments.

Thumbs Up

Few Funny Scenes

Thumbs Down

Everything Else


Diamond Ratnababu failed as a director as the film is filled with so many unwanted scenes. A wafer-thin plot has been dragged and filled with many illogical scenes in the name of ‘comedy’. The comedy in Burrakatha is so cheap. Lot of scenes lack proper sense. Songs test your patience and force you to step out of theatres.

Scenes of Prabhudas (Posani) trying to treat Abhi to change his heart on his daughter Happy are irritating. Also, the scenes of Sanyasis (saints) realizing the value of body parts and changing their mind and taking to dance floors cause head-ache. The oath taking ceremony scene of ministers (Fish Venkat, Prabhas Sreenu, Geetha Singh) a la Bharat Ane Nenu with their respective portfolios is also such irritating one. How can ministers swear-in along with their portfolios? Well, don’t expect logic in the film. There are many more such useless scenes in the film which doesn’t have any connect with the original story.

Burrakatha is a brainless movie with bad narration. If you are prepared to watch the movie, keep your brains at home and go to theatres. We rather advise you to give it a miss.

Verdict: Brainless Narration

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