COVID-19 inside story from Telangana

COVID-19 pandemic has started to spread its wings in India and most importantly the cities are worst affected in the sub-continent. All big cities in the country are facing unimaginable times and when compared, Hyderabad is in a far better position but that is not the end of the story.

It is known that the Telangana government is very adamant about the number of COVID-19 confirmatory tests being done in the state. Though the central government warned them to conduct as many tests as possible and alerted them for the worst consequences, they are not in a state to listen.

All other states in the country are conducting a huge number of tests daily including Andhra Pradesh and hence they are being reported with higher cases compared to Telangana. Coming to Hyderabad, this city alone consists of 95% Corona cases in the state that is being registered daily.

The other districts in Telangana are in a very safe position when compared to the GHMC region. Hence the government needs to conduct as many tests as possible in the GHMC region as well as other containment zones in the state at the least to combat the ongoing pandemic. Otherwise, the damage will be irreversible.