Exclusive: Star comedian reveals his fitness mantra

Saptagiri and Shakalaka Shankar combo will be back again soon says Saptagiri. At one time after Maruthi’s films became hits, their combination rocked and they were offered many films together.

While Shakalaka Shankar began being typecast as a thief in many projects, Saptagiri like Sunil became a hero. They both will come back together in one film says Saptagiri.

Saptagiri’s films as a hero were made with small budget and didn’t incur huge loss for the producers or distributors. Ask him if he like Sunil will come back to be a comedian like before, he says when did I leave such films?

“I never issued a statement that I will never work as a comedian. Once you become a hero, people will assume that this fellow will not do small roles anymore. Whenever I got an opportunity I took it. You will see me soon in Orey Bujjiga, Tagithe Tandana, Krack and some more movies.”

Saptagiri’s secret of his fitness is vegetarianism and yoga. For thirty years he has been doing surya namaskar and pranayama. Now we know why he is so energetic.