Friday Release: Can The Iconic Journey Win Box Office?

Yatra starring Malayalam superstar Mammootty is releasing today amid high expectations of YSR fans and YSRCP sympathizers.

Although director Mahi Raghav requested not to view it in an political angle, it is being considered as the ‘booster’ for YSRCP before they contest in the coming general election.

With NTR flopping at the box office, it is interesting to see what reception does YSR’s journey gets.

Yatra is not a true biopic but is based on the ideologies and principles of late YSR. It focuses on the iconic foot march of YSR that eventually brought him to power.

YSR is one of the very few mass leaders in Telugu states. He has tremendous following in the masses. But will that translate into box office collections?

Yatra is a mid-range film that needs around Rs. 12 crore to be considered a hit. Though the target appears simple, it is not going to be that easy for an emotional film sans commercial elements.

With the business of Sankranthi movies dying down and with no notable movies to compete with, Yatra has the advantage to make the most of this weekend.