How Much It Cost To Play NTR Pictures On Times Square?

May 28th is the birth anniversary of the legendary personality late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who had a good run in the film industry and politics as well. On the big occasion, the Telugu states saw massive celebrations remembering the former Chief Minister. The celebrations are an example of the legacy he left.

After seeing great heights in the Tollywood industry as an actor and director, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao started the Telugu Desam Party and became the Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh in just nine months. He scripted history as the first Non-Congress CM of the state.

The Telugu Desam Party gave in massive arrangements for the centenary celebrations of the icon. Earlier a few heroes from the Tollywood industry attended the celebrations held in Kukatpally. They remembered the service he did and said that they are feeling honored to be a part of the celebrations.

But what caught everyone’s attention is NTR’s pictures aired on the screens of a major commercial intersection in New York Times Square. The pictures of NTR were screened for around 24 hours with a small gap. Earlier pictures of Bollywood stars were screened on the screen. NTR is touted to be the first celebrity from the South to see his pictures on the Times Square screen.

Times Square is a busy and costly area and it takes a big amount to screen pictures on the screen. We can imagine the amount that would have cost to display his pictures for 24 hours. Experts say that millions of dollars would have cost.

A question of who bore the cost popped up. It is said that an NRI took care of the cost and paid the amount that cost for playing the pictures of NTR on the Times Square screens.

NRIs are a strong strength of the parties and the Telugu Desam Party is not an exemption. As this happened ahead of the much-awaited elections, it caught everyone’s attention. Whenever Balakrishna’s films get released, we can see massive celebrations in the US as happened with Akhanda. Now we saw NTR’s pictures on the iconic Times Square. This is an example of how special NTR is.