I Complained Against One Political Party – Poonam Kaur

In recent times we are seeing lot of videos on YouTube in the name of former heroine and struggling actress Poonam Kaur. Some say that it is her phone call record and few say otherwise. But what is the truth about them?

Nope, the actress hasn’t given any clarity over such obnoxious reports, but actually, she has filed a case with Cyber Crime police of Hyderabad. Apparently, Poonam stated that one political party is targeting her through YouTube videos and she is unhappy over the way she’s being portrayed in those videos. And she shared all the information she has with the Telangana police.

However, Poonam chose not to name the party and we wonder what that party is. On the other hand, when she is the brand ambassador of AP Handlooms all these days, why did she complain to Telangana police but not to Andhra police.

All said and done, we have to see what will be those startling truths Cyber Crime folks will now unearth in the curious case of Poonam Kaur.