I’m Waiting Eagerly To Know Who’s The Villain In HIT2: SS Rajamouli

Promising hero Adivi Sesh who became a Pan India star with his last movie Major is coming up with his next movie HIT2. The film directed by Sailesh Kolanu and produced by Nani and Prashanthi Tipirneni under Wall Poster Cinema is due for release on December 2nd. Interim, the team celebrated the film’s pre-release event in a majestic way with numero uno director SS Rajamouli gracing the occasion as a chief guest. The event witnessed a huge crowd.

While speaking at the event, director Sailesh Kolanu said, “I thank one and all for gracing the occasion. Rajamouli sir you came for HIT first case as a chief guest to bless us and you shared your opinion of having more films under HIT franchise. Yes, we are making a total of seven films under HIT franchise. I hope, Rajamouli sir will come for next cases of HIT. Theatres shut down just after two weeks after the release of HIT, and those who watched it on OTT opined that it should have been watched in theatres. I can’t reveal much about the content, but one thing that I can tell you is that number of emotional layers are added to give you a wholesome experience. I wanted to make the script bigger. I wanted the universe to be bigger. The crime or the emotions should be on universal scale, as we go forward with the new cases. If you liked Hit, you will like HIT 2 more. HIT 2 will be much more riveting than HIT. We made the movie for theatrical release. The visuals and the sound design are on a bigger scale.”

Rajamouli said, “First of all, I like to congratulate Nani, Prashnathi and Sailesh for making HIT a franchise. As far as I know, it’s the first franchise in the crime thriller genre in India. HIT series has a separate fan base and the same can be observed on social media. Vishwak who did HIT and now Sesh who starred in HIT2 brought energy to this franchise. I watched the film’s trailer and I liked it completely. I loved the BGM. I felt it’s fantastic when I watched the last sequence of Kodi Burra in the trailer. Like all of you, I’m also waiting eagerly to know who’s the villain. Creating interest throughout is the essence of thriller genre and Sailesh succeeded in doing so. All three of you (Nani, Prashanthi and Sailesh), HIT 3, HIT 4, HIT 5 and HIT 6 should come. It should come on same season, same date or same week, every year. We should have a HIT franchise every year, that is what I think should happen and it will happen. Technical values look grand and the actors performed well. Sesh and Meenakshi’s pairing look good on screen. This is going to be a quality product from Telugu cinema.”

Sesh said, “I’m enthusiastic, excited and nervous at the same time. I prefer call them family, rather than guests. Sweety Anushka would have been a surprise guest for the event, but she couldn’t make it as she was suffering from a cold. The common factor for all of us is we all came from outside, stepped into the industry with no background, worked hard, tasted the succeed and standing today in front you. Vishwak scored a blockbuster with HIT and he is coming up with Dhamki. I told it in many interviews that Nani is my favorite star. From Ashta Chamma to Dasara, to see him in different roles and getups which inspired me, there’s nobody who can’t like Nani and his movies. I worked for 70 to 100 days for Baahubali. In many ways, for my work ethic and work approach, the root cause was the experience of working for Baahubali. It was like a film school for me. Like an Ekalavya shishya, I’ve been studying him, I’ve been watching him, I’ve been watching his work and getting inspired. It’s very important for me that he has come as the chief guest for my film. Wherever we go we never should forger our people and that’s what I learnt from him.

I always wonder how audience will feel about my every film. I don’t know whether every time I succeed or not, but I will keep on putting the same effort every time. I worked with same enthusiasm for this film, like for my previous films. But I was happy to be part of Sailesh’s grand vision, this time. I’ve entered HITverse with this, and Sailesh told me that I will be part of HIT3 as well. HIT2 is a riveting film. I enjoyed doing this film. You guys will thoroughly entertained, thrilled and you will enjoy this one. When I requested Nani bro, we immediately started discussing HIT2 should also be dubbed and released in Hindi. We wanted it to be an all-Indian film. In a couple of days, we’ll be announcing the release date. My final request is don’t reveal the criminal. Don’t post the spoilers. Come to cinemas to watch HIT2 on December 2nd.”

Nani said, “Valli garu, and Rama garu, I get a feel that my mom and pinni (aunt) came for the event. I get positive energy whenever I see you. If you don’t come for First Day First Show at Prasads, I feel the tension. I thank all the guests. I don’t talk much about the film. You tell us about the actors and technicians, after watching the film. We made a film with love and respect. HIT2 is a gripping thriller and I hope it will entertain you. Thank you Rajamouli garu. He came back home today and I was doubtful whether he would come or not. I’m turning a bit greedy now and I wish he will come for next movie events as well. Rajamouli garu attends all the functions of the movies of Sai garu and of mine. I watched the photos of Rajamouli in suit, I loved the style, and attitude. Sesh is a terrific actor. He always works hard. Sailesh was a scientist, before becoming a director. His research work helped the film a lot. He wanted to do 7 parts in HIT franchise and Sailesh wants to bring all the officers together for the 7th part to solve a big problem. More than a producer, I’m waiting eagerly as an audience to watch the film. Everyone did a fantastic job. When you watch HIT 2, you will know the hero of HIT 3. Come to theatres to watch the movie.”