It’s Official: Evaru Is A Remake Only!

Ever since the teaser of Adivi Sesh starrer Evaru is out, many are wondering if the film is a freemake or remake. But it looks like producer PVP actually bought the rights of the original film to remake it into Telugu version.

Spanish film ‘The Invisible Guest’ that released in 2017, got remade into Hindi as Badla with Amitabh Bachhan and Taapsee. And the same is now got remade into Telugu with Adivi Sesh and Regina in the leads. Like how PVP has earlier acquired the rights of French comedy-drama ‘The Intouchables’ to remake into Telugu as ‘Oopiri’, now he has similar procured the rights of this Spanish crime-thriller.

And then, Adivi Sesh has rewritten some of the characters such that it suits the Telugu nativity. While the Spanish and Hindi version has the character of a criminal lawyer at the centre of the story, here it has a police character taking the reigns. Evaru is hitting cinemas on August 15th.