Jail staff worried about Aryan Khan’s health

Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, has been arrested in a drugs case and is kept in the quarantine cell at Arthur Road jail.

Aryan, who has so far lived as a prince, is in serious trouble in prison. As per reports, the 23-year-old star kid is not eating the food served in the prison. He hasn’t been eating enough food or drinking enough water to avoid using the jail toilet.

The officials and jail staff have been worried about Aryan and asking him to use the toilet and intake proper food and water. This has led to concerns about his health. Not to mention that Aryan has never been to a prison bathroom. He did not even go to the prison bathroom because it was unclean.

Shah Rukh is also worried sick about his son’s health. Reports also revealed that the star kid has not taken a bath for the past four days and the authorities are worried about his hygiene as well.