Judge wants Contempt of Court charges to be filed on Suriya

Tamil Actor Suriya Shivakumar is known for his humanitarian works and for his humble nature. He recently made a few statements regarding the judgement passed by the Supreme Court, on conducting the NEET exam throughout the state.

Suriya said that the Supreme Court judges – who are passing judgements via video conferencing because of Coronavirus – are in no state to pass judgement about conducting exams during the pandemic. This statments came from the actor after several poor students committed suicide

Responding to these statements, Madras High Court Judge MS Subramaniam has written a letter to the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, requesting for Contempt of Court being filed against Suriya for speaking against the judgement passed by the Supreme Court, in such a demeaning manner.

In his letter, Subramaniam has written that the actor’s statements not only undermine but also criticise the Judicial system of India very severely, and that they also pose the threat of the general public questioning the confidence they have in the fJudiciary.

It is still unclear if Contempt of Court will be filed against Suriya or not, and it is to be seen what will happen next, whether or not the case is filed against him.