KCR and Jagan to meet Again

Looks the like Telugu states CMs have put one more step forward to talk about the pending issues of Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation Act. Telangana CM KCR and Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan will meet on July 3rd. Both the CMs are very firm to get things done at the earliest and accordingly the latest meeting is scheduled.

Governor of Telugu states, ESL Narasimhan will chair the meeting and it is heard that the union government has given complete freedom to Governor to approve all the matters if the Telugu states CMs come to under an understanding on certain issues. Already Governor Narasimhan has approved the return of AP assets in Hyderabad to Telangana government.

In the upcoming meeting, the schedule 9 and 10 of AP Bifurcation Act, division of government employees and allotment of water resources will be discussed. Chief Secretaries of both the Telugu states will also take part in the meeting of CMs and they are reportedly preparing a report on what things that are needed to be discussed and addressed.

Raj Bhavan might host this meeting.