KCR’s Ego Deeply Hurt?

In a never before the shocking move, Telangana CM KCR set a precedent by dismissing over 50,000 TSRTC employees who have been on a flash strike for the last three days.

While KCR’s decision was hailed by many as a milestone in Indian politics, many others are openly criticizing him as a fascist and a dictator for oppressing the protestors’ 26 rightful demands for the welfare of the RTC and its employees.

Whatever, it definitely looks like KCR’s ego is deeply hurt with the RTC employees’ ‘blackmail’ by going on a flash strike during the Dasara festive season which usually witnesses a mad rush. Also, the entire RTC strike episode and KCR’s punitive action will be showing a deep impact on the Huzurnagar by-election, with the opposition leaders targeting the TRS firebrand leader.

KCR on Sunday announced after dismissing the employees that they will not be taken back since they don’t join duties before the Saturday 6 PM deadline. KCR also announced that as of now, only 1,200 employees are left in TSRTC after the mass dismissal.