Kia Agreed For 80 pc Local Jobs, Not 75 pc

The news about Kia Motors proposal to move out of Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu flashed by a leading news agency – Reuters – is seen as a conspiracy against the Jagan Mohan Reddy government.

The government is also not able to understand what went wrong for Reuters to flash the news, except concluding that it was a conspiracy by the TDP.

The government, despite the shock, had clarified the issue. The TN government too denied any such proposal under its consideration.

The Kia Motors too had denied the reports and issued a rejoined. The Reuters withdrew the news from the portal and the related tweet in the social media.

But, the TDP and its media have continued the campaign on Kia and justified that the ruling YSR Congress was blackmailing the Kia to give 75 per cent of the jobs to the local people and it was under this pressure, the Kia wanted to move out of the State.

While it is practically not possible for the Kia to lift its massive plant from AP and shift it to TN or close this plant here and invest in a new plant elsewhere, the TDP continues to spread false news to make people believe it.

The denial by the AP and TN governments and rejoinder by Kia itself and the withdrawal of the news by the Reuters, did not stop the TDP to push forward its misleading campaign.

The base for the campaign is the 75 per cent jobs to the locals. The Kia is finding it difficult to fulfil the 75 per cent jobs to the locals, a law made by the Jagan government and being misused by the ruling party leaders.

But, the fact is that the Kia had agreed to give “80 per cent of the employment to the local people in the State of Andhra Pradesh in respect of all unskilled jobs.”

This agreement was reached between the Kia and the State government and the same was mentioned in the GO MS No 40, dated March 8, 2017.

There are other conditions laid by the government and agreed by the Kia besides the incentives offered to the company.

This is how the TDP and its media carries out the misleading campaign against the government and chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy as a person, despite there are no takers.