‘Mem Famous’ Surpasses Expectations and Emerges as a Clean Hit

Despite receiving mixed reviews from the beginning, ‘Mem Famous’, starring Sumanth Prabhas and produced by Chai Biscuit Films, has defied the odds and surpassed expectations.

The film was released on May 26 and managed to generate impressive collections despite the initial mixed talk. Within just six days, ‘Mem Famous’ grossed Rs. 4.59 crores, with a share of Rs. 2.23 crores.

This outstanding performance solidifies its status as a clean hit and adds to the list of successful films in Tollywood for 2023, marking it as the 13th hit movie of the year.

According to trade sources, ‘Mem Famous’ needed to collect a share of Rs. 2.20 crores to achieve hit status, and it surpassed this target in a remarkably short time. The entire film unit is elated with the film’s success, which clearly indicates that it has struck a chord with the audience.