Nani’s Upcoming Project: A Bidding War Ignites

Natural star Nani, riding high on the success of “Dasara” and “Hi Nanna,” faced a temporary setback with his upcoming film alongside director Sujith (known for “Saaho”). The project, initially under DVV Entertainment (producer of Nani’s current film “Saripodha Sanivaram”), was reportedly shelved due to budgetary disagreements.

However, this turn of events has sparked an exciting development. DVV’s exit has ignited a bidding war among three, and now four, major production houses vying for the coveted project.

Leading the contenders is Naga Vamsi of Sithara Entertainment, the producer behind Nani’s critically acclaimed “Jersey.” Joining the race is Venkat Boyanapalli of Niharika Entertainment, who backed Nani’s recent hit “Shyam Singha Roy.” People Media Factory’s TG Vishwa Prasad has also entered the fray, making this a four-way battle for the Nani-Sujith collaboration.

Industry sources suggest that DVV Danayya, known for financing big-budget ventures like “RRR,” deemed the project’s budget excessive with limited return potential. However, the other producers seem to hold a contrasting view. Their confidence likely stems from the flourishing digital streaming market, where Nani’s films consistently command high prices from OTT platforms.

Furthermore, Nani’s proven track record of delivering commercially successful films that resonate with audiences makes him a highly sought-after actor. This intense competition underscores Nani’s star power and marketability within the Telugu film industry.

With several prominent producers vying for the project, the stakes are undeniably high. The industry eagerly awaits to see which production house will emerge victorious and have the privilege of bringing Nani and Sujith’s vision to life on the big screen.