New York With Highest Number of Deaths In One Day

The Tuesday had been a grim day form the US, as there were more than 1700 coronavirus deaths in the country, which is a new one day highest and there are still many states whose fatalities report is awaited. The total number of coronavirus cases in the US is 386,817 and more than 12,285 people died due to the virus.

New York alone had more than 737 deaths on Tuesday, which is the highest in one day for a state in the US. The officials in the state had hope that they have reached the apex in coronavirus related deaths in the state and it would drop or turn flat soon, but the death toll is still on the rise. However, the hospitalizations appear to have slowed down a bit and the governor believes it to be a result of social distancing. The New York state has more than 139,021 coronavirus cases so far, with more than 5507 deaths.

New Jersey, as well, had more than 236 deaths on Tuesday, also the single-day highest, while the total number of deaths in New Jersey is 1239. 71 died in Connecticut, a similar fashion in the rise of deaths as there were 17 new deaths on Monday from a total of 277 so far.

The states New York and New Jersey had more deaths than any other state in the US and more than half the deaths of the US were from these two states.

In a world update, there is more than 1.3 million coronavirus infected with more than 74,000 fatalities. So far, 300,000 patients are said to have recovered. Total deaths in France surpassed 10,000 and Japan had to declare a state of emergency with a growing number of cases.

China had no new deaths and now the country eased lockdowns in many places across. South Korea had less than 50 new cases for a straight second day.

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