Oh Baby Teaser: Enjoyment Mamuluga Ledu!

Samantha Akkineni 2.0 continues to mesmerize us with her choice of scripts and characters.

In Oh Baby she plays the role of an old lady (Lakshmi) who wakes up in the body of a twenty five year old young lady (Samantha).

It is an official remake of South Korean fantasy comedy Dear Granny. Directed by Nandini Reddy, the film makes a very good first impression with its teaser.

The premise is very amusing and exciting at the same time. Samantha is in her elements playing an unusually intriguing role.

Naga Shaurya plays the male lead with Rao Ramesh, Rajendra Prasad and others playing the supporting characters.

The last dialogue of Sam in the teaser sums up Oh Baby that promises a lot of fun.