Operation Goldfish Trailer: Intense & Gripping

Kashmir and Pakistan have been the most explored point in Indian cinema. Right from Mani Ratnam’s Roja to recent Suriya’s Bandobasth to Amazon web-series The Family Man, topic of Pakistan and the bone of contention – Kashmir – has been dealt in one way or the other. Yet the burning issue has the elements to ignite the patriotic feeling among Indians and thus set a backdrop for powerful story.

In addition to this backdrop, the recent developments at LoC and abrogation of Article 370, 35A have all brought Kashmir into limelight yet again. The ongoing war of words between PMs of India and Pakistan including the latter’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly recently. All these bring India’s stranded relation with Pak to the fore and raise the tempers on either side.

Amidst this, director Adivi Sai Kiran, of Vinayakaudu and Kerintha fame, comes up with an intense film in the backdrop of Kashmir. Said to be based on real incidents, the film has the premise of 1990 incident. Aadi Saikumar is seen as an NSG officer in the film who fights for the country. What is the core issue that turns into an international problem between India and Pakistan? What is Operation Goldfish? How does Aadi fight against it?

The film has ensemble cast including Rao Ramesh, Abburi Ravi, Anish Kuruvilla besides others. The trailer looks intense, gripping. With Adivi Sesh scoping hits like Goodachari and Evaru, will his brother Adivi Sai Kiran join him? We will get to know the final verdict by Oct 18 as Operation Goldfish hits the screens.