Pathaan Beats Pan-India Films In Box-Office Numbers!

The Bollywood industry is going through a rough patch in recent times. Even big stars failed at the box office, and on top of that, this boycott trend is impacting the performances of the films. But a film overcame all these issues and gave a big relief to the Bollywood industry.

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan arrived at the theatres with the spy thriller Pathaan after a long gap of four years. His comeback was strong, and Pathaan had a solid start at the box office. The Shah Rukh Khan starrer set the box office on fire in the domestic market and overseas as well.

As per the observations of the film critics, Pathaan earned a gross of over Rs 300 crore in just three days. On average the film earned a gross of around Rs 100 crores every day. This resulted in Pathaan earning massive Rs 313 crores as of Sunday.

Earlier, pan-Indian films like Baahubali and K.G.F. saw big collections at that level. But Pathaan even surpassed the collections of the two films. No competition from other films also helped the Shah Rukh Khan starrer, and Pathaan banked heavily on this.

Pathaan is one of the much-awaited films. The trailer increased expectations. The controversy due to the Besharam Rang also helped the film to get the much-needed promotion. All these factors resulted in Pathaan recording good numbers in early bookings in Book My Show.

Not just in Bollywood, but even in the southern states, Pathaan saw a good craze in bookings. Mouth talk was also positive for the film, and this helped the film. Compared to the domestic market, Pathaan recorded good collections overseas.

Overseas is one of the biggest markets for Bollywood, and the Khan heroes enjoy a massive craze there. The engaging content Pathaan offered also played a role in making it a big hit.

Pathaan is a spy thriller written and directed by Siddharth Anand. Aditya Chopra bankrolled the film under Yash Raj Films on a large scale. Deepika Padukone played the leading lady while John Abraham is the baddie. Besides Hindi, Pathaan had a grand release in Telugu and Tamil.