Pawan’s Silence Is An Indication Of Reality

While both TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and YSRC president YS Jagan have come out in the open to claim that their respective parties will win 140+ seats in the recently concluded election, why is Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan not making any claims? That’s the question lingering in the minds of many right now.

Pawan made no claims about election results so far and we have to say that he’s completely absent from media glare. Whether he is intentionally avoiding this, or simply taking rest, his silence could be misconstrued for the now. However, sources in Janasena Party are saying that Pawan actually knows the reality and hence he’s silent.

No matter how much anyone claimed during the election rally, including Pawan saying that he will become CM, the reality is that Janasena might win 5-15 seats as the voting turnout is too high in some Janasena dominating areas. However, with these seats, one cannot become Chief Minister. Also, Pawan is very clear that he will run the show like this till 2024 and that’s when he will target the CM post.

Knowing all this, why would Pawan come in front of media and boast of CM seat and the number of MLAs his party will win? That’s why they say, he knows the reality.